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  • TurboPascal 3.0 could only create .com files, which could be 64Kb at most. The editor was cased on WordStar and you had to use ^K^D to get out of it. It fitted on one floppy.
  • TurboPascal 4.0 could create .exe files, no more memory limits! (well, not 64Kb anymore at least) You could create precompiled pieces of software (TPU's) so you didn't need to compile your whole project each time you made a change. You needed two floppies for it.
  • TurboPascal 5.0 and 5.5 were skipped, I didn't like the debugger (hey, I didn't understand the concept of realtime debugging :-)
  • TurboPascal 6.0 was bbeeaaauuttiiffuull. The IDE was build with TurboVision, an object-oriented CUI (Console User Interfaces). It suddenly was easy to build full-blown applications without having to worry about the design of the userinterface. Instead of worrieing about how the screen should be handled, you could put all your effort on the problem itself. Because it was object-oriented, it as easy to inherited an object and make some slight modifications. This version fitted on four floppies.
    This was also the IDE which gave me a fear of syntax highlighting. The default settings made your screen look like one of these multi-coloured christmas-trees. The only syntax highlighting I use these days (if any) is yellow for the text and gray for the comments. That's it, that's all.
  • I've never used TurboPascal 7.0, the DOS nor the windows versions. Neither Delphi. I bought SpeedPascal for OS/2, but honestly never used it.

These is not much left of my programming efforts these days. The only things I could find were three programs on the Simtel20 ftp-site:

Not that I was proud of my programs, but why oh why did I throw everything away???


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