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We're moving - Cronulla here we come!

Friday September 6th 2002 at 14:15 - Naomi and Edwin sign the lease contract for their new house! It is a two bedroom apartment in South-Cronulla on the first floor. Bedroom windows to the east (where the beach is) and livingroom windows to the north (where the sun is). Here are some pictures:

Cronulla is a suburb on a isthymus (dutch: schier-eiland), a piece of land connected to the mainland but for the rest surrounded by water, in Southern Sydney.

The is the driveway, the apartment still has the "For lease" ads on the windows (but not for long). The garage on the left is ours. Why doesn't the person living below us not have two windows to the beach?
Naomi is carrying a doona (dutch: dekbed). We have finally a bed big enough for for the 190 centimeters tall dutchman. If you turn around you have a view to the sea.

The grass is Shelly Park, directly connected to the sea. Palm trees and pine trees surround the park. Electricity-poles in streets are common in Australia (scary but true). Yes, the blue above the street and below the sky is the sea.

The living room has access to a balcony (big enough for a chair, but not big enough to walk past the chair) and the fence on the balcony is not high enough to prevent people from falling. The previous owner left us some flowerpots, so our balcony will be green (and yellow and brown if we don't take care of them).

The bathroom has a bath with a anti-morning-grumpiness shower curtain. Of course the showerhead is not high enough for the dutchman, maybe we can replace it. If I say not high enough: In Australia showerheads are stuck at a certain height on the wall, while in the Netherlands the height can be varied (very handy for tall people).

One of the bedrooms has builtin shelves. At the corner you see the former ad boards. It's ours! OURS!

This is the view to the east in the bedroom. Waking up early in the morning with the sound of the waves, what more do you want?

The kitchen, with free stove (dutch: fornuis). It's a electrical and they're awful to use. Normally when you turn off the heat-source on a stove I expect the heat-source to go away, so the water stops boiling, the soup stops overflowing out of the pan, the meat will stop getting burned etc. But not with an electrical stove, if you turn off the heat the element will stay warm. So your water keeps boiling, the soup keeps overflowing and the meat will get more black than it already was. The horror. And the bad news is that everybody in Australia has an electric stove....


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